Advertisement Policy and Cost Details

We (THEMEVIEWS.COM) have a considerable number of visitors daily and monthly. We can easily make your theme familiar to the visitors and help you to achieve your target. Have an eye on our advertising policy and find out the best option for you.

To be included in the list

  1. Any kind of theme can be included in our list. According to your theme quality and standard, we will fix your theme position on the list.
    *Approximate cost: $120 (Lifetime)

To be included as a featured theme

We can make your theme as a featured theme in your desired category list.

*Approximate cost: $250 / Months

Dedicated review of the theme

We also provide service through a paid review of your theme. Our experts will write an excellent review of your theme on selected topics. We must remain honest and neutral to write your review. If you want to publish your content, then you can also do that. But our team will review your content first.

*Approximate cost: $500 (Lifetime)

To be placed as a Banner Ad.

We are offering the opportunity to make your theme as a banner ad. The cost will be dependable upon the size and the placement of the ad.

*Approximate cost: $900 / Months

Promotional blog post

We will let you use our author box when you have your blog post about Web Development, WordPress, and Graphic Design etc.

 *Approximate cost: $700 (03 Months)