Affiliate Disclosure is free to use for everyone for general services. To run a huge workflow need a huge amount of funding. So, we have to follow a few means of earning money to make sure our existence in this digital era. We earn from third parties by demonstrating their ads, reviewing products and services. Here are the details of our affiliation and earning process. 

We earn through our products like themes, plugins, templates and hosting services. Own collection of our products keeps us alive with earnings. Day by day our collection is getting enriched. might keep external links of third parties on their website in producing product and service descriptions. By doing these we will get a commission whenever someone purchases a theme or product through our affiliate link. This is another source of income. If a product does not meet our minimum standard we never advertise it and our expert team define the category that the product or service should get actually.

When we believe in a product we only offer it on our website. Huge hardship requires in defining product quality. Our commission-getting process never increases your purchase value rather you may get a discounted rate using our referral link. This is because the companies give us opportunities to offer products at a lower price and they pay us directly.

Advertisement is another means of our earning. We advertise a product when it passes quality testing. Lots of advertisement facilities we offer. According to audience choice, they can select one. In our process, all the fraud clients will be rejected automatically.

We offer parties to get their themes (either WordPress or else) or products reviewed and take fees for this favor. Be very clear and specific that we never produce a biased review or get extra for a positive review. A general fee is taken from all the clients depending on various criteria. 

Furthermore, we have expert people in every sector who run research on a product or service. Only after ensuring that the product or service is eligible to get enlisted on our website in any category by fulfilling the minimum requirement, we keep something on our list.