Privacy Policy

We, the authority, keep the highest level of importance on audience privacy. By using the term “privacy policy” means what types of private information of customers we are using to maintain our ongoing process of, which in any way never means direct or indirect harm to our customers.

This policy also describes the process by which we collect and use customer data. 

Similar to other websites, we use log files in which customers enter and exit time, date and time, ISP (Internet Service Provider), IP Addresses, and webpage click, all user activities and demographic information, etc. 

By visiting our website the, you are giving consent to us that we can use your cookies so that we can track your activity and some of the tracking records may be used to provide better service and develop business. These cookies are auto-generated and send by the browser that doesn’t create a disturbance, interrupt you from browsing our site, or do any negative thing. 

Double click Dart Cookies are a kind of cookies that are used by third-party ads authority like Google is subject to the ads authority. is not liable for the type of use of cookies. Google uses these cookies to show ads depending on user interest and improve their service. You can find more about the double-click dirt cookies at

We, the authorities have no control over the ads related to third parties and their activities. If you still have questions, please contact the related parties. If you are bothered with the cookies and their usage by us or third parties, you may disable them from the browser options. By doing so you may lose web access and other features.

Technology has made a gigantic advancement now. But the security of individuals has become weaker because of this advancement. Protection of privacy has become one of the major concerns of people now. By this sequence, the EU has formed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR was formed on 14 April 2016 and came into force on 25 May 2018 to protect the misuse of the personal data of citizens. GDPR also restricts the using data of European people outside of Europe. According to the GDPR, no personal data of people can be collected during visiting websites or browsing the internet without their full consent. As we are loyal to all the national and international law, we make no compromise following GDPR.

We are highly respectful to all the government, local and state laws and follow them strictly. Any kind of wrong use of our products will be terminated and controlled following the above-mentioned laws.